Tell us your stories about the people you know who worked for the T&P.
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[transcribed from a letter from Marvin Woolard to EE Webb circa 1970 regarding railroad engineer roster in the TC Division circa 1920. Editor’s genealogy notes in italics—Tom Webb March 2006 EE Webb Collection]

I am Marvin Woolard and I started work for the Texas and Pacific railroad as a fireman on Dec. 1, 1941 at Texarkana on the Transcontinental Division. At that time and for many years before the TC division consisted of the Railroad from Texarkana to Ft. Worth via Dekalb – Clarksville, Paris, Honey Grove – Bonham – Sherman, Whitesboro and Denton, the railroad from Sherman Jct. to Denison and the Texarkana, Shreveport Natchez or “TSN” that ran from Texarkana to Shreveport .

There were several switch engines and hostling jobs at Texarkana and one switch engine and one hostling job at Shreveport; one switch engine at Ft. Worth . All these jobs were protected by Engineers and Fireman from the TC Division roster or seniority list. You might be required to work at any of the points on the division or if your seniority allowed you could bid in vacancies at any point on the division.

In the beginning the TC division was the main line west from Texarkana In the middle and late 1920’s the principle freight and passenger trains were rerouted over the present main line that goes to Marshal, Longview, Mineola, Dallas to Ft. Worth. In 1920 records indicate that the jobs that were filled by TC Engineers were the following:

West End turn Bonham to Ft. Worth

1. W.O. (Bill) Cash
2. G.D. Webb [George Death Webb?]
3. (extra man) J.R. Turbyfill
4. W.B. Cecil
5. Claude Gremm
6. Frank Cromwell

East End turn Bonham to Texarkana

1. C.F. Voyles
2. Charles Hays
3. Sherman Temple
4. C.D. Millis

East End local freight between Bonham to Texarkana , Paris to Bonham turn

1. J.L. Simmons
2. H.P. Moore
3. W.A. (Bill) Smith

West End local freight Bonham to Whitesboro

1. Ed. H. Delk
2. C.L. Bimmerman

Local Freight Ft. Worth to Whitesboro

1. M. Donavan

Passenger train from Sherman Jct. to Denison

1. H. Hartley

Passenger train from Clarksville to Sherman

1. (Bill) William Wright – Fireman G.C. Phillips

Passenger train from Whitesboro to Ft. Worth

1. J.J. Smith – Fireman B.S. Chitwood

Passenger trains from Texarkana to Ft. Worth

1. J.L. Caudle
2. Jno Edwards
3. Pat Hilburn

TSN local Freight combined passenger Texarkana to Shreveport

1. T.H. Jordan – Fireman J.P. Zimmerman
2. B.E. Mathews – Fireman D. Hughes

Paris Switch Engine

1. A.W. Mathews

Bonham Switch Engine

1. A.J. Wemple [Alonzo J. “Dad” Wemple]
2. D.M. Lilly – T. Smith (?)

Shreveport Switch Engine

1. (Fred) F.W. Willburn

Ft. Worth Switch Engine

1. J.H. Cowley

Engineers extra board at Bonham

1. Tom Brothers
2. McKinney Swope [“Mack” Swope?, husband of Vera Gates, first cousin of W.E. Pete Henderson]
3. Pete Henderson [William Elbert “Pete” Henderson]
4. J.P. Zimmerman
5. J.H. Bryant
6. F.W. Attinger
7. A.W. Bragg [Albert Wheeler Bragg]

Engineers extra board at Texarkana Yard

1. R.J. (Bob) Smallwood
2. Nancy Little
3. Max Moore
4. Ed Roach
5. T.W. Powell
6. G.F. Cole

There were 35 regular jobs out of Bonham and Texarkana and 70 men in Eng. Service)

[These clippings were included in the letter]

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My grandfather, Quincy Harold Finley, worked as a boiler maker on the Texas and Pacific RR and lived in Texarkana until he died in 1930. I'm wondering if you have any information on him or where I might look.

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