Frederic Proby Gibson - A Railroad Official's Reply

Tell us your stories about the people you know who worked for the T&P.
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Frederic Proby Gibson - A Railroad Official's Reply

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This poem was from the Woodmen Magazine:

A poor unfortunate man who lived close to a railroad yard in the suburbs of a large metropolis wrote the following about the racket made by the switch engine:

Why is it that your switch engine has to ding and dong and fizz and spit
and bang and hiss and pant and grate and grind and puff and bump and chug and hoot and whistle and toot and wheeze and jar and jerk and howl and snarl and puff and growl and thump and boom and crash and jolt and screech and snort and slam and throb and roar and rattle and yell and smoke and smell and shriek like h____ all night long?”

Fred P. Gibson, a railroad official gave the following reply:

Dear Sir:
Sorry but if you are to get meats and sweets breads and spreads beans and jeans shirts and skirts cakes and rakes socks and locks dippers and
slippers lotions and notions hooks and eyes and cherry pies candy bars and nuts in jars sugar and spice and everything nice to make you happy all your life, you’ll have to put up with the railroads.”

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